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Product/Service Detail
Product/Service >> Molded Case Circuit Breaker >> UL Listed MCCBs

UL Listed MCCBs - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
UL Listed MCCBs


UL Listed MCCBs

Code: 000154
Description: Compact design saves the space, UL489 listed circuit breakers
- UL listed MCCBs are designed and tested in accordance with Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc., Standard UL489.(UL file No. : E231289)

- Molded Case Switches are listed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.,
Standard UL489.(UL file No. : E223516)
- Molded Case Switches are calibrated to protect only the Molded Case Switch itself,
when it is subjected to high fault currents.
- Molded Case Switches open instantaneously at a factory preset magnetic trip point
and provide no overload or low level fault protection.
- The short circuit withstand rating is the fault current at rated voltage that the
molded case switch will withstand without damage when protected by a circuit
breaker with an equal continuous current rating.
- Molded case switches are used as compact switches in applications requiring high
current switching capabilities.
- All molded case switches will accept the same lugs and accessories as equivalent
circuit breakers.
- Molded case switches open when the handle is switched to the OFF position or in
response to auxiliary tripping device such as a shunt trip.
■ Applicable Standard
Molded case circuit breakers are designed and tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Standard UL489.(UL file No. : E231289)
■ Wire connectors
Circuit breakers are supplied with line & load side connectors.
■ Calibration
Circuit breakers are calibrated for 40℃ maximum
ambient application. Unless marked otherwise,
circuit breakers are 80% duty rated.
■ HACR rated
Circuit breakers are HACR rated.
■ Wire
Circuit breakers are to be connected with 60 or 75℃ wire for circuit breakers having a rated current of 125 amperes or less. Circuit breakers having a rated current greater than 125 amperes shall only be cabled with 75℃ cable.
■ Compact Design savethe Space
■ Interrupting capacity at 480V AC
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